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Mandolin Circle "City of Como"

Saturday, October 12 at 20:45 at the Anglican Church of Ascension of Cadenabbia will be held a concert with the Mandolino Orchestra di Como.
This brilliant Orchestra will play a variety of songs and music along with Solo and other individual items.

Duration 85 minutes.

Free admission donations are welcome.

How was born the Mandolin Circle “City of Como”

The Mandolin Circle “City of Como” was founded in October 1986 by some musicians from Como from other plectrum orchestras.

The intent is to realize the concert and educational work aimed at those who may be interested in approaching and learning about the family of plectrum instruments such as mandolin and guitar.

The Mandolin Club sees a well defined future with the will to bring mandolin music where anyone who requires it schools, churches, theaters, institutions for the elderly, welfare works, this is for the sole purpose of promoting knowledge of the instrument so little considered in Italy, the mandolin.

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